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Kalamazoo Junction are Olly on Guitar and Georgia on vocals. They are a duo based in the UK who specialise in acoustic blues and their own original compositions - many of which are linked to the blues in one way or another.

The name Kalamazoo Junction describes what is literally a "joining up" of the duo with a 1937 Kalamazoo guitar that Olly bought in 2019. This is the link, as it were, between the old and the new.

During lockdown they managed to record their first album: OLD TUNES NEW BLUES.

This will shortly be out on the 33 Jazz Record label as a download and features 6 older blues numbers and 7 original compositions. We will also be bringing it out as a CD and on vinyl.

The final medley of the album also includes a piece played by mouth-organ player Peter Trigg who used to play with the duo. Peter died in 2016 and is sadly missed.